The Cake and Bake Show

The Time for Tea Company visited the Cake and Bake Show this weekend, at Earls Court, all in the name of research for the perfect cake for afternoon tea, obviously! 

We would highly recommend a visit to the show next time it is in on. We are certainly feeling inspired to make some pretty cakes and drink some tea with friends...all served on our beautiful china, of course!

Obviously, cupcakes are still big news, and there were plenty of these to see at the show. Some of the cupcake flavours that are trending right now include Salted Caramel, Oreo Cookie and Maple Bacon. Yes, that's right, Maple Bacon... you can even get Maple Bacon marshmallows, which are THE latest thing to try... check out the Marshmallowists website. We particularly like the sound of the Blueberry and Portobello Road Gin flavour, as that's the flavour of one of the jams we served with clotted cream and scones at our wedding.

We're off to the kitchen to get baking, happy days! x